Squeeze In

Colorful local chain serving signature omelets

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A Colorful local chain serving signature omelets & other breakfast items, plus burgers & cocktails.

Once took on Bobby Flay in a Throwdown on the Food Network. This is just the type of local joint you look or when visiting locations around the world.

In 1974, a tiny little kitchen started selling omelettes to locals and tourists in historic downtown Truckee California. At just 10 feet, 3 inches wide, and with only 39 seats, guests would literally have to ‘squeeze in’ to enjoy their breakfast at the little restaurant. As the list of omelette options grew, so did the popularity of the restaurant, and by the mid 80s it was considered a true Truckee institution.

Gary and Misty Young, who lived in Reno, would often drive their daughters, Kay and Shila, to dine at the Squeeze In on special occasions. Through their childhood the girls would regularly hear their parents speak of their ultimate dream to one day own the Squeeze In.

Now in 10 Locations:

CA – Truckee
CA – Modesto
CA – Chino Hills
NV – Carson City
NV – Las Vegas – Eastern Ave
NV – Las Vegas – Fort Apache
NV – NW Reno
NV – South Reno
NV – Sparks
ID – Eagle