Sonney’s BBQ Shack

Local Pitmaster since 1968

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Sonney started making BBQ sauce 27 years ago during a BBQ Sauce Makin’ contest against his Big Brother Harold “T” on their house boats on Lake Oroville every summer. After years of trials and few errors… Sonney has come up with what many call, some of the “Best Dang BBQ Sauce” they’ve ever had… Harold “T” is still undecided on who won.

However he is very proud of his little brother for bringing great BBQ to South Lake Tahoe. Here at Sonney’s BBQ Shack all our meats are cooked Low-n Slow with Oak, Apple and other hardwoods to give our meats what we feel is the Best BBQ smoke flavor around. We started smoking the Brisket and Butts while everyone is sleeping, and they stay in the smoke for 12-14 hours.

We now Feature 4 Different Sauces





Sonney’s BBQ Shack Bar and Grill specializes in slow and low BBQ! Sonney took 25 years to make his Sauce and for many people it has become their Favorite BBQ Sauce. Our Ribs are rubbed with our special recipe of spices and herbs. The Beef Ribs are dry rubbed and smoked till they ache for you to bite’m. We Smoke our Pork Butts and Briskit for up to 14 hours and make all of our sides and dressing from scratch! Come in and try our Deep Fried Pickles or maybe some Deep Fried Mac-n-Cheese. Our food is made fresh and from scratch, Heck we don’t even have a Freezer or Microwave in our kitchens… Best Burgers in Lake Tahoe! We have a local butcher “Overland Meat and Sea Food Company” grind all of our burgers to Sonney’s specs. Try the “Sonney Big Boy” burger made with lean Beef and Bacon ground in together for a fabulous juicy flavor, or maybe our “Baa Baa Burger” made from fresh lamb and prepared to perfection…


Established in 2014.

Sonney’s BBQ Shack opened in March of 2014. Sonney had been making and selling his BBQ Sauce for years and wanted to bring his style of BBQ to South Lake Tahoe. Sonney and his partner Cathey wanted to bring Great BBQ and a Tahoe atmosphere to SLT. A complete remodel of the 70 year old historic building was complete through the winter and we hope that you are pleased with the Greta BBQ, decor, atmosphere and our friendly staff.