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Cascade Roofing Company, Inc. can be depended on for any size commercial project. Our experienced team in Burlington has hundreds of commercial roofing and maintenance projects under their belts, and we have got the proper equipment, tools, and technical knowledge to perform a wide variety of commercial roofing services. Safety is always our top priority, so we are dedicated to providing quality service at competitive prices. Our commercial roofing team is committed to showing up on time and being done on time for every project, whether it is new construction or existing buildings. On-Site estimates for commercial roofing projects are provided for existing buildings, and new construction estimates are provided based on the commercial roofing need called out in the Architectural plans. Are you searching for roofing near me? Give us a call today!

Services Offered:
Shingle, Metal, Tile, Cedar, EPDM, Flat, TPO, Commercial roofing, Roof repair, Roof Replacement