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Discover the Sierra Nevada like a true local! Locals Choice travel directories bring you the best-hidden gems, breathtaking vistas, and authentic experiences that only insiders know. Uncover the region’s top attractions, outdoor adventures, charming small towns, and delectable cuisine, all handpicked by those who call the Sierra Nevada home. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping hikes or serene lakeside retreats, let Locals Choice be your trusted companion for an unforgettable journey through the stunning Sierra Nevada.

Traveling should be fun and easy.  Discover before you go the Locals Choice and make decisions on vacation so much easier. Visit our Business Partners, and as Certified Locals Choice businesses, your trip just got much brighter!

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Travel with local knowledge in the Sierra Nevada. Traveling to regional favorites such as Reno Tahoe or along one of the mountain scenic routes to historic towns and settlements. Nothing better than traveling to a special location and enjoying local favorites.

I mean, who likes to always eat at the same places you have at home? Discover what is new and exciting and make this destination the best ever.

Travel like a local! Find a new favorite in the Sierra Nevada and make them one of your Local’s Choice destinations. 




Pankey Planning - Featured Partner

Amber is a Wedding Day Fairy Godmother

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Pankey Planning

Amber is a Wedding Day Fairy Godmot

If you are even slightly thinking about booking a coordinator for your wedding day, I am here to say Continue Reading

Great Burgers and Pizza

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Great Burgers and Pizza

Love their burgers and atmosphere. Pizza deals are the best in town Continue Reading

Great content and photo's

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Sierra Rec Magazine

Great content and photo's

This is a great regional site for finding new hikes and reviews from the Sierra Nevada region. Continue Reading

food Closed Now!

Great Full Gardens &#8211...

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beauty_salon Closed Now!

Bespoke Studio

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  • $$$$
  • Price Range 14 - 30
Sonney’s BBQ Shack
Arts & Entertainment 24 hours open

Topaz Lodge

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Services Day Off!

Elise Events

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Services Day Off!

GES – Reno

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